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Server maintenance: Reimbursement of AP Scroll and Cash Shop Update

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There was a server maintenance and cash shop update today from 9am to 4pm.

There was reimbursement of AP Reset Scroll for those that did not get it during the Gaga Hot Time Event last Saturday. Maplers who did not get it can go to Cash Shop and redeem it. Criteria and details to redeem it are as follow.


In order to be eligible for the reimbursement, you will need to fulfill all of the following criteria:

1. Login during the Gaga Hot Time Event on Saturday, 16th July 2011, 1400hrs (+8 GMT).
2. Received Cassandra’s Supply Box.
3. Received SP Reset Scroll but did not receive AP Reset Scroll only.


1. The first character in the same Maple account and gateway that access the Cash Shop will be able to redeem the AP Reset Scroll.
2. You will be prompted a pop out to receive the item.


3. If you do not wish to use the character to receive the free cash item, you may choose to reject to receive it and use another character within the same account to access Cash Shop to redeem it again.


• If your Maple account is eligible for the reimbursement, any character in the same gateway that access the Cash Shop will be able to receive the pop out message.

If you did not receive both SP and AP Reset Scroll after you clicked on the Cassandra’s Supply Box, you might be able to get the AP scroll from this reimbursement event. It’s not possible to obtain the SP scroll anymore, though.

Due to the server maintenance today, the Gaga Blast of Celebration Event supposed to be held on 20th July 2011 (today) is changed to 21st July 2011 (tomorrow). Change in schedule as follows.


Lastly, there was an extension of permanent cash shop items sales due to huge response from maplers. More than 40 NEW permanent items are on sale in cash shop now till 3rd August 2011. You can find the items under Permanent Item option under Main tab. List of items as follow.


I think the transparent items will be selling like hot cakes. I went to check out previous permanent cash shop item sales and found some of the items are reasonably priced. Hope that this event would attract budget-wise players to dress up their characters and not worry about the items expiring.

Oh, there are also some addition and removal of cash shop items as follows.

Cash Shop Update Includes

New Cash Items!

• [Overall] Pirate Suit
• [Hat] Pirate Hat
• [Weapon] Impulsive Weapon
• [Weapon] Throwing Eggs (Shooting Star)
• [Others] Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant (Premium)

Removal from Cash Shop

• image [ETC] 50% up EXP Coupon (1DayAvailable in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only
• image [ETC] Gold Master KeyAvailable in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only
• image[ETC] Silver Master KeyAvailable in Cash Shop until 20th July 2011 Only

That’s all for now. I’ve been busy with work lately so couldn’t online in-game. Hopefully i get some maple time during the weekends. Till then, enjoy mapling!

Signing off,
Noms — my head off


Thank you Maplers Event 6 – Gaga Blast of Celebration

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The final “Thank you Maplers” is here, and this time it is held in conjunction with Gaga Blast of Celebration event which gives out more than 500 Million Maple Cash to lucky maplers!

I’m sure most of you have already saw this event in MapleSEA homepage. For those unaware of it, here’s the link.

Gaga Blast of Celebration is held every day in Henesys Park Channel 6 from 12th July to 20th July 2011. The time slot is different everyday for every Server so check out the schedule before heading to the event.

Basically in each world, the players have to crack a code which is a number combination between 1000 to 9999. They have to make their guesses by broadcasting the code using any type of megaphone. Once the code is broken, the GM will reveal a Generic Event Code for redemption for everyone inside Henesys Park at Channel 6 during that event time. Maplers can then redeem the code by logging in to Asiasoft Passport, goto MapleSEA Event Code Redemption under Events and key in the Generic Code given by GM.


The rewards given include cash items and in-game items. Below is the list of items you can get and also the event schedule for each server.

Total of 1,000 winners will receive the following rewards randomly from each world!


Event Schedule


Some of the things to take note:

  1. A different generic code will be announce in each world.
  2. Each Asiasoft Passport ID can only redeem 1 unique 30 digit game redemption code from the MapleSEA Events Redemption Code Tab in AsiaSoft Passport from each generic code that was broadcast during the event.

Please copy down the Item Code IMMEDIATELY before you exit the redemption page. You will not be able to retrieve back the unique item code once you exit or refresh the redemption page.

Next, we have the Thank you Mapler Event 6, which to nobody’s surprise, is another HOT TIME EVENT! (say yay….)
On this coming Saturday, 16th July 2011, Exactly 1400hrs (+8 GMT) this very minute, EVERY CHARACTER that is in-game will receive a Cassandra’s Supply Box in their inventory!
You have until 2359hrs on the same day to open it up to get the rewards for this event!
Actually it’s good news for those who messed up their skills on their new character e.g. Mechanic. This time around they will be giving out an AP Reset and a SP Reset Scroll.

image AP Reset Scroll allows you to reset 1 AP (Ability Point) from 1 attribute to another. Choose 1 AP from HP, MP,STR, DEX, INT or LUK and allocate it to another attribute.

image When SP Reset Scroll is used, it will reset all your Skill Points except your beginner’s skills back into your Skill Points Pool!
Upon receiving it, you will have 7 days to use it.


2011 lucky Maplers in each world will get additional rewards


1 of the following cash item to 1994 lucky Maplers in each world

Owl Of minerva (5)
Blackboard : for 7 day
Aurora Ring
Lovely Party bear (5)
Wheel of Fortune (3)
Safety Charm (3)
Mu Mu the Traveling Merchant (5)
Sky Blue VIP Store Permit
Magic Hourglass [7 days]
Skin Care Coupon
VIP Hair Coupon
Blue-Hearted Quote Ring
Heart Shape Quote Ring
Kitty Quote Ring
Scoreboard Quote Ring
Blue-Ribboned Quote Ring
Chocolate Label Ring
Pink-Ribboned Label Ring
Pink Candy Label Ring
Super Megaphone (5)
VIP Teleport (5)
Miracle Cube (3)

And lastly,

I’m a Lucky Guy Medal to 1 Luckiest Mapler for Each World Server!


Some event details to take note:
1. In order to receive your SP reset you must NOT be in the MTS, Cash Shop, or on any transportation ship/boat/plane.
2. You will need to have 1 free USE slot in your inventory in order to receive Cassandra’s Supply Box.

More details please refer to Event link in MapleSEA homepage!

Hopefully you get to be lucky this time round! Good luck guys, and enjoy!

Signing off,
Mechapproching 3rd job =D

Written by Noms

July 16, 2011 at 12:26 am

Lie Detector Test

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Lately you might have noticed there is a new item in pot shops called Lie Detector Test. It’s a device introduced in the recent patch so that maplers can take the hacking issue to their own hands.


Lie Detector Test

It costs 8k mesos and is under your USE inventory tab.

How do you use it?

1. First you need to be in the same map as the hacker is. Make sure you are NOT on any mounts including Mech.

2. Note down the hacker’s IGN. Don’t worry if you are not sure how it is spelled. You just need to right click on the suspected hacker, click Save Name. It will be copied to clipboard.

2. Double click on the lie detector test. You will be prompted to enter the suspected hacker’s IGN.


Lie Detector Test Usage

3. Enter the suspected hacker’s name by pressing Ctrl+V to paste the IGN you have just saved.

4. Before clicking on the OK button, make sure the hacker is in Attacking Mode.

5. When the hacker is attacking the mobs, press OK.

6. There will be a message in your chat area stating hacker has used the Lie Detector Test.

7. Wait for 1 minute.

8. If the suspected hacker is really botting/hacking, he/she will be sent back to town, which disrupts the botting process.

9. There should be a pop-up message and you will be awarded 7k mesos for your effort to make MapleSEA hacker free!

Yes, you do lose out 1k mesos, but i’m sure it’s worth to get rid of the hacker off the map instead of having to keep on CC to find an empty map.

I keep one in my inventory nowadays, just in case. It feels good that we could at least do something about the hacker instead of reporting him/her which… most probably will be ignored.

Note: Don’t be a jerk and use it on non-hacking maplers.

Signing off,

Noms, despise hackers! >=(

Written by Noms

July 12, 2011 at 8:00 am

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Resistance Secret Box – Mechanic

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For those of you who have a higher level character (level 70+) or played Wild Hunter or Battlemage till level 70 before the release of Mechanic, you would have receive a resistance secret box where it states that only Resistance class character can open the box.


Resistance Secret Box

Once you created your Mechanic in the same account as your character having the box above, you can open up the box with your Mechanic by double-clicking on it. Inside, you will find 3 goodies. They are parts for your Mech: Prototype. Like upgrades.


Level 50 Copper Transistor

Copper Transistor which adds +1 DEX.


Level 50 Copper Engine

Copper Engine which adds +1 Weapon Attack.


Level 50 Copper Machine Arm

Copper Mechanic Arm which adds +1 STR.

To see your Mechanic upgrade parts, it’s under your Equip Window top left corner.


Mechanic Equip Slot

(Yea, i borrowed Noms’s equips to boost my attack, going pure DEX at the moment.) 

For your info, monsters drop them and some give above average stats, so it’s good if you can get an above average Copper Engine (+WA) to boost your attack.

Below is an extract from patch notes of the event going on for Mechanic class characters.

Mechanic Support Event! (Event Period: 06/07/2011 – 31/07/2011)

Mechanic Support Event is open only to Resistance characters. Don’t fret though; the items gained from this event can be used by any class on the same account.
Resistance Secret Box can only be use by a Mechanic character.


• Energy Charge is only usable until 30th August 2011.
• Resistance Secret Box is only usable until 14th August 2011.
• Please be remind to consume them before the stated date above.

Signing off,
Noms, stripped.. =(

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July 11, 2011 at 8:00 am

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Mechanic 1st job skill review

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Hi ya maplings, how’s your Sunday?

I’ve tried out Mechanic for about 3 days now, just created my character last Friday, currently she’s at level 54. Tried out most of the 1st and 2nd job skills and i’m quite impressed with it. IMO it’s an easy class to play, no doubt strong (damage wise), and also fun to play (skill wise).

Long intro story ahead, skip if you wish.

Creating a Mechanic is the same as any resistance class. You start off in some mining area outside town where you find a bunch of kids playing hide and seek. You start off the beginner tutorial by being the “ghost” in the game and have to find the others which are hiding. Walk around the map and you can easily spot them partly hidden behind some objects.

The final kid will be nowhere to be seen, and you are supposed to go into the mines to find him. Once you get there however, you find yourself in a scientific laboratory of sort, and there’s a human being being trapped inside a glass chamber, like an experimental subject. She asks you to  leave or else you will get caught too. Suddenly a scientist appears with another person donning a black uniform. You hide behind some crates. They talked about some scientific experiment (don’t remember the details) then suddenly the light flickers. The scientist suggest they go check out the problem and leaves the lab.

You decided to run but not before saving the girl trapped in the chamber. You freed her and both of you ran out. Out there however, you bumped into the guy in black uniform and he tries to catch you and bring both of you back to the lab. However, out of sudden, a helicopter appears out of nowhere and some square-face guy rescues both of you to safety.

After that, you will end up in Edelstein town, which is the origin town of Resistance class. Talk to the headmaster to being a series of quest to know more about the Resistance organization and Black Wings organization that is controlling over the town and possibly maple world.

(phew, what a long-winded intro)

So, after finishing off the quests and get yourself to level 10 citizen, you can now choose to become a Mechanic through the secret plaza down in the drains. Talk to Cheeky and he’ll grant you a job change and some awesome 1st job advancement skills.

Although you have only 4 skills, there are all useful and probably…. the most imba 1st job skills any class could have.

You have the Mech: Prototype, the mecha where you sit inside which greatly adds your HP/MP, defense, and attack. The defense greatly benefits a beginner / low-level character because it saves a lot of pot usage. In addition, it grants you… POWER STANCE. A 4th job warrior skill where you are immune from knockback from monsters. Is this semi-god-mode or what.

Mech: Prototype skill

Mech: Prototype Level 10 (max)

See the insane (+400) DEF it adds? Not to mention the extra 500 HP/MP and also… +20 Weapon Attack!

Next we have the Gatling Gun, a single mob attacking skill which attacks one mob 4 times. This is a good skill which can be upgraded when you get to 2nd job. It will be upgraded to 6 shots instead of 4. Hurricane? 4th job bowman skills? Forget bout it. Mechanics get this skill in their 1st job, i repeat, 1st job advancement.

Gatling Gun skill

Gatling Gun Level 15 (max)

This is me gunning some teddies. It’s actually 4 shots, i didn’t capture it well. (also because i’m already 2nd job so the skill is upgraded to 6 shots.)

Gatling Gun skill in action

Gatling Gun skill in action

Next is another skill which makes Mechanic so alluring to play. An AOE skill in 1st job. And it doesn’t hit just 6 monsters, no, 6 monsters is for noobs. ME-07 Drillhands literally drill holes through 10 monsters! Using the skill would push you forward, so it’s good for travelling quickly through mob maps too. This is a must to MAX ASAP for literally leveling in less than 10 minutes per level.

ME-07 Drillhands skill

ME-07 Drillhands Level 20 (max)

This is me drilling some teddies. It’s a really fast-paced skill so you can zoom across the map effortlessly, KB them all the way. Similar to Wild Hunter’s Ricochet skill. Again, Kerning Square is a superb place to train from level 35-50. Though you might get dizzy from dashing here and there all over the map. Probably good to buy a pet, too, so that training will be more efficient.

ME-07 Drillhands skill in action

ME-07 Drillhands skill in action

Finally we have a fancy skill, Flame Launcher. It is also an AOE skill, but you can hit multiple monsters multiple times. This skill is unique in a sense you hold down the skill key and it will grill all mobs in front of you as long as you hold on to the key. There’s a max hold down duration of 8 seconds but you can always recast after that, no cooldown at all.

However, it’s not a good skill for training since you need to stay in one place stationary, compared to the Drillhands AOE skill where you can just dash around and mobs get drilled back into the ground effortlessly hence giving you exp.

Anyway it’s a fun skill to use once in a while.

Flame Launcher skill

Flame Launcher Level 20 (max)

Me barbecue-ing some teddies. During second job, there will be a skill which enhances Gatling Gun and Flame Launcher. 6 instead of 4 shots for Gatling Gun, while for Flame Launcher, it will add a BURN effect (similar to poison) where the HP of mobs decrease over time. Not really useful in training because it’s faster to just kill them using other stronger skills.

Flame Launcher skill in action

Flame Launcher skill in action

That concludes the skills available for 1st job Mechanic. They are the most IMBA 1st job skills i ever seen for a class, and most definitely strong and efficient. If there are any newcomers to Maple Story, i would most definitely ask them to try out Resistance class characters for now because they are so easy to pick up and training is a breeze.

Signing off,

Written by Noms

July 10, 2011 at 6:23 pm

Maple Story Mechanic Class – Info link compilation

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He-llo Ma-pl-ers. Th-is is No-ms sp-ea-king. (sorry lame attempt to speak in robot language.)


Hello guys! I’ve decided to compile all the stuff i found on the internet related to Mechanic class for easy access for you guys.

Most of you would be wondering… what skill build should i follow?? Some of you might say, bah, who needs guides, i can assign my skills by myself. I’m sorry to say, it’s better to do some research on your skills beforehand because most probably you will screw up your character by not adding certain skills and realizing you need them for pre-requisite in next job advancement. So yea, read up guys!

This one’s from Basil Market, even though it’s GMS version, but it might give you a rough guide on how to add your skills.

Maple Story Guide: Mechanic Skill Build

For you guys who say, i insist to NOT follow a guide! Then perhaps you want to see all skills available for Mechanic from 1st to 4th job in order to plan out your skill build? Try this link from Hidden Street MapleSEA.

HS. MapleSEA – Mechanic Skills


p/s: Stat build is same as pirate class, STR/DEX. However, low STR is recommended.

I’ll try to add more links tomorrow. Meanwhile, have a nice lag-less day in Maple Story! (heh.. like that (lag-less) is possible =p) Enjoy!

Written by Noms

July 6, 2011 at 11:27 pm

Arrival of Reinforcement – Mechanics

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Dear excited maplers,

Finally the wait is over, Mechanic class is here!

MapleSEA Resistance - Mechanic

MapleSEA Resistance - Mechanic

Today MapleSEA had an enormous patch, lots of goodies, some re-introduction of old quests, and most importantly, Mechanics!

Rumor has it Mechanics are the strongest class in Maple Story, with their IMBA, flashy mobbing skills just like all Resistance classes have. Some info can be found in MapleSEA Facebook fan page. Here are some info on Mechanic class extracted from the Facebook page.

The Mechanic: A New Reinforcement

The Mechanics are like the Gunslingers of the Resistance.

They are known for their high multitudes of robot attack skills and the use of technology in their skills.  .

 (Hence they will be using guns as choice of weapon)

How to Be a Mechanic

Go to “Create Character” and click “Resistance”.


You will be able to create a Citizen, a beginner-leveled Resistance character.

Once a Citizen reaches lv. 10, complete the tutorial as a Citizen and arrive at Edelstein.

Talk to Mechanic Job Advancement Officer, in the Secret Square of the Resistance HQ in Edelstein

to become a Mechanic.


Mechanic Transformation Skill : Metal Armor

You will be able to learn the Metal Armor skill once you advance to become a Mechanic.

This will allow you to summon a robot and ride on it.

All of the Mechanic skills can be used only when you are on the Metal Armor.

Metal Armor: Prototype

Obtainable after 1st Job Advancement.

This is the most basic form of the armor, but it is also the most versatile

Metal Armor: Heavy Machine Gun

Obtainable after the 3rd Job Advancement.

This armor provides short periods of intense firepower.

Metal Armor: Missile Tank

Obtainable after the 4th Job Advancement.

This is the ultimate battle machine specialized for both hunting and boss mob battles.

Mechanic Summoning Skills

The Mechanic can summon various forms of robots and attack together or use them strategically.


Summons mini-attack satellites.

The satellites will automatically attack the mobs that the character attacks.

Open Gate: GX-9

Installs Open Gate <gx-9></gx-9>

Up to 2 gates can be installed at once.

The party members can freely go through the install gates. (Works as portals)

Healing Robot: H-LX

Installs a stationary healing robot <h-lx>.</h-lx>

It automatically restores the HP of the party members who kneel down in front of it.

Robo Factory: RM1

Installs a Robo Factory <rm1> that summons the toy robots at a set interval.</rm1>

The mini robots from RM1 will automatically follow the mobs and self destruct to inflict damage.

Amplifier: AF-11

Installs a stationary robot <af-11> that amplifies the attack levels of the party members. </af-11>

Mechanic Attack Skills

Atomic Hammer

Turns up the radioactive engine hidden in Metal Amor’s fists to the max and makes the fists hit the ground.

It attacks maximum 6 mobs at a time and can stun them for a brief period of time.

Rocket Punch

Launches the fists forward and attacks multiple enemies.

Can stun the enemies for a brief period of time.

Laser Blast

Shoots out laser beams to the front and attacks multiple enemies.

This can be used only if the user is mounted on the Missile Tank.

(As you can see.. the skills are nothing ordinary, and it makes them seem overwhelming compared to adventurer class.) 

Here’s a video to show you how insanely IMBA are their skills. In terms of damage maybe not, but surely the flashy skills would lure tons of mapler to create one!

Here’s another one at a more realistic/achievable level.

After the much awaited patches and delays whole day today, the server’s up now so hurry up in-game to check out Mechanics!

Remember to patch up your game because there’s a minor patch to fix keyboard issues just few hours ago!

For those who encountered “Trouble logging in? blah blah” when you click on Singapore, do try to click on Malaysia Gateway to bring you to the auto-patch page. After finishing patching, you can now click on Singapore to login. =)

I’ll try the new class out, just to see how IMBA it really is. I’ve already think of the IGN for it. Stay tune, guys!

Written by Noms

July 6, 2011 at 10:48 pm